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Wool Owners Warranty

What is the Wool Owners Warranty?

The Wool Owners Warranty (WOW) is a subscription service for those who own a wool carpet. Here at Gaskell Mackay, we are proud to offer this service with every one of our wool products, to help maintain the appearance of your carpet.

The subscription service is an annual service that is free of charge for the first 12months once you have registered. When you sign up you can choose to receive an array of helpful carpet care products including;

How can you sign up to the WOW service?

To receive your 12months free (from the date of purchase), simply visit: WOW Customer Registration and fill in your details.

What happens once next?

Shortly after registering, you will be contacted by your nearest WOW registered carpet cleaner to explain in more detail, the services that you can call upon as well as some invaluable golden rules on caring for your wool carpet.

How do you renew your WOW service at the end of the 12months?

Once you are nearing the end of your 12month free service, simply make sure that your carpet is cleaned by a WOW registered carpet cleaner once per year to automatically renew your warranty.

Quality care from the Wool Owners Warranty

The WOW is endorsed by the WoolSafe organisation who are a global body dedicated to the care of carpets and rugs. WoolSafe test all of the WOW carpet cleaning products to ensure they are safe and effective to use on your flooring. Always look for the WoolSafe logo if you’re purchasing any other carpet care products.

When can I call upon the WOW Service?

You can call upon your local WOW registered carpet cleaner in the event of stains or spillages (among other accidental damages). Your closest cleaner will be able tp provide a full list of the inccidents they are able to help with. You can contact your WOW carpet cleaner for advise on any issue. If you have a spillage or stain and can't remove it, your WOW registered carpet cleaner will be able to come out to take a look at the spillage (free of charge) for the treatment of the stain.

Wool Warranties on Gaskell Mackay Products

All of our warranties are subject to proper use and maintenance of our products. They are also ran alongside and are based upon the Wool Owners Warranty (WOW). The WOW dictates the standards by which a wool carpet should be properly maintained. Any specified warranty does not cover acts or circumstances including, but not limited to, the below;

Any carpet installed should be in accordance with BS EN 1307 along with the proper use of approved stair nosings where prescribed.

Deterioration due to normal wear and tear, crushing of fibers and/or shading are not seen as manufacturing faults and are therefore not covered by this warranty.

If you have a complaint

If you suspect that your carpet is not to the specified standard or if you suspect a manufacturing fault, you need to raise this with your retailer. Retailers should then escalate this to our Customer Services department for further investigation. If it is determined that there is a manufacturing fault, we will look for the best solution for you, including replacement or allowance, subject to the time the product has been in use.

Warranties and Guarantees

All of the warranties and guarantees on Gaskell Mackay products are subject to the above.

Proper maintenance of your carpet should be followed to ensure that the carpet is protected by our warranties/guarantees. Any damage caused by not following these guidelines, the above-mentioned acts, or similar, will invalidate any warranty or guarantee.

If you would like to speak to our team about this service, simply give us a call on; 01429 892555